Surface assistance shrivels as battery, driver, upgrade issues continue


As Microsoft comes close to an additional round of Surface statements, it’s more vital than ever before that you understand exactly how older variations of the crossbreed tablet computer are making out. In short, we’re seeing proceeded, long-lasting issues with batteries, key-boards, vehicle drivers, efficiency strangling – and also assistance has actually expanded aging, to the factor of showing up missing.

There’s also a concern of a Windows upgrade that eliminates older Surface equipments, an issue Microsoft has yet to recognize. Instead, it’s combined issue records right into one titan, unanswered string.

If you’re considering acquiring a Surface, you must find out about the issues and also exactly how Microsoft has actually responded.

Battery drainpipe

Surface has actually had battery problems from the begin. You no question keep in mind the Surface Pro 3 “batterygate.” Since the option showed up 3 years back, very first recognized, after that deserted, we’ve seen battery drainpipe problems place.

The basic issue hinges on the means Surface firmware updates are dispersed: they’re pressed out as component of Windows Update for Surface equipments and also, when set up, they can’t be curtailed. It’s a one-way road.

According to Microsoft MVP (Windows Insider, Devices for IT) and also Surface online forum normal Barb Bowman:

Surface Pro 4 clients have actually been whining concerning battery drainpipe while closed down for over a year. But just recently, Microsoft launched firmware updates for a number of tools consisting of the Surface Pro 4, 5, 6 and also Surface Laptops in very early August, and also they generated a substantial rise in battery drainpipe records

The Microsoft Answers online forum is plagued with issues concerning battery and also billing issues (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and also several even more). The one attribute they all share? Microsoft hasn’t reacted to any one of them, other than to suggest that the bellyachers reformat their equipments.

Bowman ends:

Customers irritated by the problem and also the silence are trading their Surfaces for refurbs just to have the problem reoccur due to the fact that Microsoft has actually not drawn the buggy firmware.

Battle of the Battery Bulge

This one’s literally unsafe. We’re seeing an increasing number of records of the Surface Pro 4 and also initial Surface Books with protruding batteries, dividing out the display.

  • Surface Pro 4 won’t bill or activate…due to the fact that it ignited!!
  • I have a Surface 4 Pro that I bought in March 2016… I discovered that the display is protruding… and also the display side has actually divided from the structure, revealing a void.
  • Bulging battery in surface area publication, exactly how to deal with substitute.
  • Surface Pro 4 Bulging & Lifted Screen.
  • Microsoft phone assistance claims its as a result of my abuse and also desire me to pay £492 for an exchange. They didn’t react to me in any type of written kind.

The iFixIt website has a comparable string of issues – and also some services.

Most essential: If your battery’s protruding, quit utilizing the computer system!

Microsoft has actually obviously expanded its protection for protruding batteries from the common 2 years to 3, and also uses a totally free substitute – although there are several issues that not all solution technologies understand the guarantee benefits 3 years. If you’re past 3 years, you’ll need to pay a $599 substitute cost and also you’ll get a Surface Pro 5.

Surface 2, Surface RT spot eliminates IE 11

Google informs you ahead of time for how long a brand-new Chromebook will certainly be sustained. Microsoft launches a spot that eliminates older equipments.

That’s what occurred with the September Monthly Rollup for Windows 8.1, KB 4516067. Microsoft currently recognizes the issue:

After mounting this upgrade on a Windows 8.1 RT tool, Internet Explorer 11 might closed and also you might get the mistake, “C:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe: A certificate was explicitly revoked by its issuer.”

We are dealing with a resolution and also will certainly supply an upgrade in an approaching launch.

So if you have a Surface 2 (launched October 2013, runs out January 2023) or Surface RT (launched October 2012, runs out January 2023) maker, and also you mount the most up to date protection upgrade, IE turns stubborn belly up. There’s no caution, no block… and also no assistance.

Bowman claims:

While RT and also Surface 2 are dead and also obtaining protection updates just, screening needs to have been done. And a lot of these RT individuals are technology newbies that don’t understand exactly how to and also don’t WISH TO futz with these tools. They got them due to the fact that they assumed they’d last for several years and also be problem cost-free, like, you understand, iPads.

A Surface Supportability worker has actually invested the moment to combine a number of Answer online forum strings (over 2,000 sights) without publishing a solitary reaction to affected clients.

Disappearing vehicle drivers

While the battery issues might be attributable to poor vehicle drivers, there are various other chauffeur issues. For instance, the Surface Book 2 GPU Driver goes away arbitrarily on Win10 variation 1903 equipments. Although the insect was reported throughout 1903 beta examinations, and also once more after the brand-new variation showed up, Microsoft didn’t recognize it up until July 12, and also hasn’t published an upgrade considering that. The Surface Book 2 Update History web page still claims:

The dGPU might sometimes go away from tool supervisor on Surface Book 2 with dGPU.

Microsoft has actually determined a compatibility problem on some Surface Book 2 tools set up with Nvidia distinct graphics refining device (dGPU). After upgrading to Windows 10 May 2019 Update (variation 1903), some applications or video games that require to carry out graphics extensive procedures might shut or fall short to open up.

To secure your upgrade experience, we have actually used a compatibility hang on Surface Book 2 tools with Nvidia dGPUs, avoiding them from being provided the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (variation 1903), up until this problem is dealt with.

We suggest that you do not try to by hand upgrade utilizing the Update currently switch or the Media Creation Tool up until this problem has actually been dealt with…. We are dealing with a resolution and also will certainly supply an upgrade in an approaching launch.

The Release Information Status web page mirrors those cautions, and also claims that Microsoft is still exploring.

Sound acquainted? There have actually been no Microsoft blog posts, no communication on the Answers Forum and also the Feedback Hub – where the issue was reported prior to variation 1903 was launched – hasn’t had any type of reaction, either.

Surface Pro 6 and also Surface Book 2 stuck at 400MHz

There have actually long been records of the Surface Pro 6 and also Surface Book 2 strangling their CPUs to 0.4GHz – which slows down the equipments dramatically. As just recently as Sept. 12, Paul Caspers reported on the MS Answers online forum:

When I leave my laptop computer for lunch break (as it is or prior to placing it in power save setting) – CPU is constantly on 0,40 GHZ when I return… So when I disconnect the power supply from the laptop computer – CPU goes right as much as regular rate. Sometimes this remains. Sometimes it drops back to 0.40 GHZ a min later on. Then just reactivate aids….

That grievance motivated this reaction from a Microsoft Agent:

Thank you for connecting Surface Community. I assume you are describing the Clock rate is likewise called as clock price. It is an indication of its efficiency and also exactly how quickly a CPU can refine information (action private little bits). It determines exactly how promptly a computer system finishes fundamental calculations and also procedures. So if a lot of applications are running depending just how much rate it requires to run the GHz modifications. If the CPU is almost at still it will certainly reduce itself for power and also warmth functions. Just ensure that the tool is constantly entirely as much as day to stay clear of future problems.

Which misunderstands totally. It’s a popular and also well-documented issue (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) that Microsoft hasn’t recognized, as finest I can inform.

Surface Book 2 and also various other Surfaces can’t accessibility Wi-Fi

This is yet an additional Surface issue that Microsoft has actually studiously disregarded. It appears that Surface Book 2, Win10 variation 1903, and also WPA3 don’t hit it off. There’s a string on the Answers online forum begun by kiwiant that claims, partially:

I’m aiming to turn out WPA3 as its sustained on our routers/access factors however there is a concern with Surface tools. When set up to utilize WPA2/WPA3 Personal (blended) Surface tools cannot attach to the cordless network…. It doesn’t show up that Windows 10 presently sustains WPA3 as no reference in adjustment logs for the April 2019 upgrade so it needs to be dropping back to WPA2 so various other tools can attach utilizing WPA3.

It appears to be yet an additional chauffeur problem. The chauffeur might be Marvell’s issue, however it’s for a bone-stock Surface item, so Microsoft has actually acquired the mess. Again, I see no main recommendation of the scenario, and also on the Answer online forum: silence.

Bottom line

Microsoft recognized the “flickergate” issue with Surface Pro 4 equipments greater than a year back – after taking greater than 2 years to ‘fess up. It still hasn’t  recognized the problem(s) causing bricked TypeCovers, although issues remain to load in. At this factor, Microsoft isn’t responding to queries – and also it’s most likely that your only option is to invest $649 for an out-of-warranty substitute.

Every equipment producer has issues, however Microsoft has actually revealed a remarkable capability to neglect those issues.

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